The Sweetest Oblivion, The Maddest Obsession & The Darkest Temptation : Combo Of 3 Books

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Product Description

The Sweetest Oblivion

She’S A Romantic At Heart, Living In The Most Unromantic Of Worlds . . .Nicknamed Sweet Abelli For Her Docile Nature, Elena Smiles On Cue And Has A Charming Response For Everything. She’S The Favored Daughter, The Perfect Mafia Principessa . . . Or Was.Now, All She Can See In The Mirror’S Reflection Is Blood Staining Her Hands Like Crimson Paint.They Say First Impressions Are Everything . . .In The Murky Waters Of New York’S Underworld, Elena’S Sister Is Arranged To Marry Nicolas Russo. A Made Man, A Boss, A Cheat-Even Measured Against Mafia Standards. His Reputation Stretches Far And Wide And Is Darker Than His Black Suits And Ties. After His And Elena’S First Encounter Ends With An Accidental Glare On Her Part, She Realizes He’S Just As Rude As He Is Handsome.She Doesn’T Like The Man Or Anything He Stands For, Though That Doesn’T Stop Her Heart From Pattering Like Rain Against Glass When He’S Near, Nor The Shiver That Ghosts Down Her Spine At The Sound Of His Voice.And He’S Always Near. Telling Her What To Do. Making Her Feel Hotter Than Any Future Brother-In-Law Should. Elena May Be The Sweet Abelli On The Outside, But She’S Beginning To Learn She Has A Taste For The Darkness, For Rough Hands, Cigarettes, And Whiskey-Colored Eyes. Having Already Escaped One Scandal, However, She Can Hardly Afford To Be Swept Up In Another.Besides, Even If He Were Hers, Everyone Knows You Don’T Fall In Love With A Made Man . . . Right?This Is A Standalone Forbidden Romance.

Product Description

The Maddest Obsession

She fears the dark.He rules it.Her dresses are too tight, her heels too tall. She laughs too loudly, eats without decorum, and mixes up most sayings in the book. Little do most know it’s just a sparkly disguise, there to hide one panic attack at a time.Nobody can crack Gianna’s facade . . . no one anyway, until he comes along.Most see a paragon of morality; a special agent upholding the law. In the New York underworld, others know him as a hustler, a killer, his nature as cold as the heart of ice in his chest. Christian Allister has always followed the life plan he’d envisioned in his youth, beneath the harsh lights of a frigid, damp cell. With a proclivity for order and the number three, he’s never been tempted to veer off course. But perhaps one should never say never . . .One winter night and their lives intertwine. She hates him-his stone-cold demeanor, his arrogance and too-perceptive eye-but over the years, even as their games consist of insulting each other’s looks and intelligence, she begins to live to play with him.Nowhere in Christian’s plans had he ever prepared for Gianna. She’s chaos embodied, not his type, and married, but none of that can stop his eyes from following her wherever she goes.All along, she doesn’t even know that she’s his-his frustration, his fascination.His maddest obsession.*Can be read as a standalone.

Product Description

The Darkest Temptation

A Fortune Teller Once Told Mila She’D Find A Man Who Would Take Her Breath Away. She Refrained From Telling Her It Would Be Literally While Mila Ran For Her Life.Having Always Done What Is Expected Of Her, Mila Dresses The Part, Only Dates College Boys With Exemplary Backgrounds, And Doesn’T Ask Questions. Not About Her Papa’S Absences Or His Refusal To Let Her Set Foot In Her Birthplace-Russia.Suffocated By The Rules And Unanswered Questions, Mila Does What She’S Always Wanted To. She Boards A Plane To Moscow.She Never Expected To Fall For A Man On The Way. One With Unexplained Wealth, Tattoos On His Hands, And Secrets In His Eyes. But It Doesn’T Take Long For His Caress To Become A Rough Grasp Muffling Her Screams.Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold. Unfortunately, A Russian Winter Is The Coldest Of Them All, And Mila Soon Learns The Only Way To Escape Intact Is To Do The Impossible And Thaw Her Captor’S Heart.

Product details

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (20 June 2018)
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1721284443
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1721284443
  • Author : Danielle Lori
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Pages ‏ : ‎ 900 
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 562 g

2 reviews for The Sweetest Oblivion, The Maddest Obsession & The Darkest Temptation : Combo Of 3 Books

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    good quality books at such a affordable price 🥰 👌👌

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    Affordable books + good quality books = 🥰🫶

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