Spin The Bottle – Stephanie Alves

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Spin the bottle to decide your fate

I have rules. Dating? Out of the question. One night stands? That’s my specialty. That is, until an unexpected game of spin the bottle lands me face-to-face with Aiden Pierce, Redfield’s basketball team captain. Aiden is captivating, talented and persistent and he slowly chips away at my defences until we strike a deal. No strings attached and absolute secrecy. It was supposed to be uncomplicated, but the more time I spend with him, the harder it becomes to remember why we can’t be together.

This was never part of the plan. Leila Pérez is tempting, assertive and unattainable. And after one hot night that has etched itself in my mind, leaving me craving more, we made an arrangement. Keep it physical and don’t catch feelings. But the more I see her, the more my desire for her deepens, even as her hesitations try to push me away. I’m determined to prove to her how good we can be together, if only she’d take the leap. There’s just one problem. I’m hiding something from her, threatening to unravel everything we’ve built.

About the author

Stephanie Alves is an avid reader and writer of smutty, contemporary romance books. She was born in England, but was raised by her loud Portuguese parents. She can speak both languages fluently, though she tends to mix both languages when speaking. She loves to write romantic comedies with happy endings, witty banter and sizzling chemistry that will make you blush. When she’s not writing, she can be found either reading, or watching rom coms with her two adorable dogs cuddled up beside her.

1 review for Spin The Bottle – Stephanie Alves

  1. Raju (verified owner)

    Nice book! Thanks for Adore books. I have been searching this book for months. Finally, thanks to Adore Books for making me purchase this masterpiece💜. And thanks a lot for those cute bookmarks that were sent by you!💖

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